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Dry Eye Myths


Dry Eyes affects the elderly

Dry Eye Syndrome is a growing epidemic which affects people of ALL AGES. It’s fast becoming a public health issue.


My Dry Eyes are no big deal

Dry Eye symptoms fluctuate and may not reflect level of severity. Dry eye syndrome is progressive and irreversible. Prevention and management is important.


All I need is drops…right?

Lubricating eyedrops are only the tip of the iceberg and provide temporary relief. It is important to treat the cause of dry eyes

About dry eyes

What is Dry Eye Disease?
What causes Dry Eyes?
Dry Eye Assessment
Treating Dry Eyes

In-Clinic Dry Eye Treatments

Blephasteam and Gland Expression
IPL (intense pulsed light) treatment
Rexon-Eye treatment
Envision treatment

The Dry Eye Management Journey

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Please feel free to contact us for an obligation free dry eye consultation and to see if you are suitable for Blephasteam and gland expression, Rexon-Eye Therapy, E-Eye IPL or Envision treatment.

Our team at Strathfield Eyecare are passionate about personalised and professional eye care. Our optometrist have special interest in dry eye management.

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